Osteopathic, Rehabilitation and Sport Injury Clinic – Victoria BC

Journey to better function and health through movement


Sports Injury Clinic

At Body Logic Clinic we focus on precise diagnosis and rehabilitation which consists of an appropriate combination of hands-on treatment, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises and prevention.


Women’s Health

The key to successful, effective treatment is to understand the cause. Debra carefully evaluates this, looking beyond the symptoms to the underlying issues. She then uses ‘hands-on’ techniques to relive pain and discomfort to ensure the symptoms do not reappear.


Osteopathy and Children

Many parents are concerned that osteopathic treatment used on children means manipulation of the joints. However our treatments for children involve gentle articulation, soft-tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and exercises (Pilates, Yoga etc.).


Osteopathy as You Age

Nobody can completely reverse the effects of aging, but a lot can be done to keep them at bay and ensure they have only a minimal impact on your life.


New Patients Guide

The first consultation usually takes about 1 to 1 hour and fifteen minutes. The first half or so is spent on compiling a detailed health history. The osteopathic practitioner may ask about how your symptoms began and any other factors that have affected them. Questions about mechanical, nutritional, social and a psychological factors contributing to your injury and symptoms may also be asked. Read More