Osteopathy and Children

Growing up is a time of constant change. Children’s bodies continuously adapt to different physical demands.

Often they sustain injuries and may need a little help with getting better and ensuring the injury doesn’t cause problems later in life.

Osteopathic treatment, either cranial or structural, with its gentle application can promote your child’s health.  Children respond well to osteopathic treatment and the techniques used to treat them are very gentle and are suitable for children of any age.

In addition complaints such as Otitis Media with Effusion, asthma, eczema, colic, and chronic candidiasis can all be treated with a combination of manual therapy, diet control and/or hydrotherapy.

Many parents are concerned that osteopathic treatment used on children means manipulation of the joints. However our treatments for children involve gentle articulation, soft-tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and exercises (Pilates, Yoga etc.).

Tony Mathews has 20 years’ experience treating children with a variety of musculoskeletal problems from sports (and playground) injuries to whiplash injuries.

Additionally, Tony dedicated many years to treating children with ear conditions one of which is popularly known in the UK as glue ear. He has designed a treatment specifically to help children with this chronic ear infection. It involves a number of non-invasive, gentle techniques aiming at lymphatic drainage of the head and face by massaging and stroking the head, neck and shoulders; gently moving the chin and pumping the chest area.

Tony has successfully treated over 1000 children, and has trained a number of osteopaths and other manual practitioners in the UK to carry out this treatment. He has also produced a DVD to help parents train themselves in this technique, with some initial instruction from himself.

You too can also become an active participant in your child’s health and learn to perform this gentle draining massage. This willenable you to deal with this common childhood ailment yourself.

Many of Tony’s young patients have written to thank him for the help he has given them in improving their health or treating their injuries.

Please have a look at www.sinusearinfections.com where there is a short video interview by Meridian TV News in the UK, featuring two of Tony’s patients who are now in their late teens.