I began seeing Debra for pain which severely restricted my walking. During the previous six years I had several operations, including hip replacement and cervical spinal cord surgery, and had never recovered as well as I expected to. I found Debra’s diagnostic skills to be excellent. She made sense of my symptoms.

Her treatments were thorough and effective. The follow-up exercise routines were individualised, do-able and clear.
At my age, of 81 years, I found her to be realistic and straightforward about living a full life in an ageing body. My walking and balance continue to improve, and I now have confidence to travel alone again and will spend this Xmas in Cuba!
I am delighted to recommend her practice.

Ann Kujundzic (Retired Massage Therapist)


I feel very fortunate to have found the good services of Debra Bakowska. I am very quick to recommend her to my friends, many of whom begin to face more physical challenges as a result of aging or injury. She listens with great empathy and skill. This enables her to make extremely accurate assessments. She understands the value of feedback and respects me as an individual with unique needs. All of the home exercises she assigns are explained in such a manner that I know what muscles are being targeted and why. She encourages self reliance and likes to see her patients begin to manage without her help. I have been seeing Debra occasionally for two problems. One has been completely resolved through targeted exercise. The other is an arthritic hip that awaits replacement. Debra provides expert guidance regarding the maintenance of muscle mass without inflammation. She also lends an ear, so to speak. I appreciate how much time she allows for a visit. Debra’s cheerful and nurturing way, combined with her expert skill make me happy to recommend her.

Kathleen Wilkins


I first saw Dr. Mathews some 18 months ago concerning chronic injuries to my neck due to a road traffic accident some 14 years previously. I am 78 years old and generally in good shape.

I had tried different therapies including Physiotherapy, but to little avail. After a comprehensive consultation he applied hands-on treatment involving, deep soft-tissue massage, friction, mobilisation & articulation techniques, but no manipulation. Even after the first treatment I had a measured improvement with regards to less pain and better movement.

Dr. Matthews also uses the same techniques to treat me for a chronic knee problem arising from a slipped meniscus which occurred some 30 years ago, and which on occasion has made it difficult for me to walk normally.  Since Doctor Matthew has begun to deal with my knee, I am able to walk easily and painlessly.

I voluntarily see him once a month, which keeps me in good condition.

J.M. Thomas (Victoria, BC)


After years of seeing various practitioners and almost giving up hope that I would ever be rid of the tension and pain in my neck and upper back, a friend told me about her success with Debra. I am now pleased to say the pain has eased considerably – to the point where I have only rare flare ups. I was surprised that her gentle movements could do so much, and impressed with her knowledge and healing skills. I am so glad she has relocated to Victoria and I recommend her highly.

Lynne Ronneseth (Victoria,BC)


The Body Logic Osteopathic Clinic has been my lifesaver. When I first came to the clinic I was in the worst condition of my life from a work injury, and was barely able to function from incredible back pain and frozen shoulder.  I had been through a frustrating series of professionals who either misdiagnosed me, or could not tell me what was wrong with me.  Within my first visit Dr. Mathews had me diagnosed, and was able to relieve a major amount of my back pain that no other professional had been able to in over two years.

Combined with Debra’s physical rehab program, I have now been able to regain my physical mobility that I thought may have been gone forever and my frozen shoulder is almost completely healed.  Body Logic Clinic has been a breath of fresh air from other clinics, as they look at things from a simplistic physiological approach, with true sincerity and caring for their patients well being. I can’t thank them enough.

Brian Kerr


As a foreman of a Victoria based Masonry Company, the nature of my job involves heavy lifting and twisting.  I have called upon the osteopathic expertise of both Debra and Tony on several occasions at their Body Logic Clinic, and found them to be friendly, professional and conscientious, their knowledge and understanding is excellent.

John Maxted


Many thanks to Dr’s Debra and Anthony for coming to Canada.A dear friend listened in concern as I related the story of my frozen shoulder, I was not expecting to be referred by her so glowingly for help as close as downtown Victoria.  I had attempted to receive help and had long since given up on treatments after not seeing any improvement.  Judy’s praise for her Osteopath(Debra Bakowska D.O.) convinced me that perhaps I should give them a try.  My shoulder had been getting worse and worse to the point where it did not really move anymore and it ached all the time. Since seeing Dr. Mathews my shoulder has consistently felt better and better after each treatment , now I have much greater movement and  almost no aching or pain.  I have complete confidence that I am getting the help I need and my shoulder will return to full use better and stronger.

Jennifer Whitfield